Movie Review – Raman Raghav.2

There are two Reviews for this movie
One a commercial Review
The other one a Philosophical Review
There are Certain dark movies which show limited violance and yet leave an impression. This qualifies into that rare category. Movie has 3 diffrent heroes – Nawazuddin Siddique, Nawazzudin Siddique and Nawazuddin Siddique – Hero, Villian and the Maverick.
Story fumbles at a lot of places, getting slow and irrelevant – Yet Nawazzudin comes in everytime – catching it every time when it is to fall. Vicky Kaushal – as the cop is expressionless – leaving movie a little weak. Supporting Cast too lacked that limelight and power. A dark Comedy which makes you laugh at places proves the power of Direction and acting. Nawazuddin wins this round as well

It has an extraordinary underlying raw element – that there are certain human beings for whom crime is an element of excitement. “Na Dharam ki ad main, na Police ki vardi main – Main marta hu kyuki man marna chahta hu”. A crime/ a murder without a motive – as natural as sex,hunger and thirst. Movie attains the real dark nature when the hunter and the hunted – reverese their roles. The saga is passed on – The Rama turns into Ravana – Black into white – gradually blurring and mixing at the very end. “Apun Bolta hai saab, Crime karne ka apna ek alag maja hai” and that sums it up pretty well.
If you love performances, go for it…


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