Movie Review – Raman Raghav.2

There are two Reviews for this movie
One a commercial Review
The other one a Philosophical Review
There are Certain dark movies which show limited violance and yet leave an impression. This qualifies into that rare category. Movie has 3 diffrent heroes – Nawazuddin Siddique, Nawazzudin Siddique and Nawazuddin Siddique – Hero, Villian and the Maverick.
Story fumbles at a lot of places, getting slow and irrelevant – Yet Nawazzudin comes in everytime – catching it every time when it is to fall. Vicky Kaushal – as the cop is expressionless – leaving movie a little weak. Supporting Cast too lacked that limelight and power. A dark Comedy which makes you laugh at places proves the power of Direction and acting. Nawazuddin wins this round as well

It has an extraordinary underlying raw element – that there are certain human beings for whom crime is an element of excitement. “Na Dharam ki ad main, na Police ki vardi main – Main marta hu kyuki man marna chahta hu”. A crime/ a murder without a motive – as natural as sex,hunger and thirst. Movie attains the real dark nature when the hunter and the hunted – reverese their roles. The saga is passed on – The Rama turns into Ravana – Black into white – gradually blurring and mixing at the very end. “Apun Bolta hai saab, Crime karne ka apna ek alag maja hai” and that sums it up pretty well.
If you love performances, go for it…


Movie Review – Udta Punjab


The movie behaves like Coca Cola – the first half bottle full of sizzle and power, the second half cold and tasteless. The powerful story starts with a bang and captures imaginations till the first half. Raw language, powerful acting by Daljit, Shahid and Alia puts it right on track. The Punjabi back drop suits the charachters and language inputs get it closer to the reality.
But then the twist comes. In an attempt to make it filmy, the story looses its track with too many unnecessary twists and turns – making it loose its charm. Kareena doesnt fit in as a young doctor. Other charachters are great.

The movie is a one time watch for the ones who like a little dark taste and topic based movies. I would rate it 2.5 out of 5


Movie Review – Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2 – you don’t need a hanuman chalisa as proclaimed in social media jokes but the movie has a breath taking level of thrill and horror. It has an absolute class direction and small story line keeps it absolutely on track. No dull moments. Certain scenes are too scary and gives u a feeling of paisa vasool.
Sequels to not perform because of boredom but this one is odd one out – it captures your imagination and interest till the end – so much so that even after the movie is over – you expect something scary!!
Without a doubt – go for it!!images (2)

Movie Review – Thai Jashe(Gujarati)

Lets be frank. It isnt as interesting as kevi rite jaish and a entertaining as Chello Divas. But it has its own power of acting. Malhar Thakkar and Manoj Joshi have been fabulous. The other supporting cast is good too. The story is simple yet powerful – depicting the plight of a middle class man trying to buy his own house. First half lacks the pace. Its the second half that picks up the story and makes it interesting. Cinematography is excellent. Rural picturing of jetpur and ahmedabad is worth watching. Worth a watch. Without a doubt.wallpaperthaijashegujaratifilm-800x445

Movie Review – Azhar

imagesMoive is Brilliant. Imran fits in the charachter perfectly and creates a non boring biopic which doesnt disapppoint at all. Movie has all the elements to capture the interest and imagination of the audience, but above all it wins hearts the way it has been directed and narrated.

The man whose flicks won a million hearts, broke a billion hearts when the story of Match Fixing was out. The man whose raised collars were his identity, was put to shambles with the revealation. The turmoil and the story of that chaos is beautifully portraid. Most of the Charachters do reasonably good to support the movie but Imraan Hasmi Outshines all of them. Dialogues are yet another reason. It has some crisp and perfect Dialogues.

I do not admire Azhar any more, yet do not miss the movie. Its a tale of Money and fame.

3.5 out of 5.

Movie Review – Captain America:Civil War

Marvel Did what DC Comics failed to do – Entertain people with clashes of these superheroes.
The idea of Super Heroes fighting together is thrilling but when you mix comedy with action and present them against each other – its super fun. The Hindi Version loves your Heart, specially when the newbie Spider Man introduces himself to Captain America as – “Apka Jabra Fan, Super Man”. Direction and Mystery hold you to the edge of the seats and the power of two leaguse is wonderfully Balanced in the movie. Charachters joining one by one, introduces the thrill and holds you.
Ant Man and Spider Man are the funniest in their respective teams. Captain America and Iron man(Tony Stark) are set as the team leaders. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch,Falcon, Ant Man, Spider Man, Black Panther – all take their respective sides and then starts a wonderful and thrilling show of storytelling and imagination.

Do not miss it….at any cost..!!

4 out of 5!!captain-america-civil-war-poster-fea-1200x737